Roselon Plantation, Circa 1870, Liberty County

Also known as the Cassels-Martin House, this stately Italianate landmark was built by Richard Baxter Cassels on his father’s (Thomas Quarterman Cassels) plantation not long after the Civil War. He reared a family of six here and the home remained in the family and was used as a summer home for many years thereafter.

It is relatively unchanged from its original appearance, as the vintage photo (circa 1900-10) below would suggest. The barn with the cupola to the east of the house is no longer present.

Photo Source: Virginia Fraser Evans, Liberty County: A Pictorial History, Hinesville, 1979.

2 thoughts on “Roselon Plantation, Circa 1870, Liberty County

  1. Frank Gloeckner

    Good work, Brian. Thanks for keeping history alive! How can we prevent idiots from destroying historical monuments honoring confederate heros?

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Thanks, Frank. I think most of this is going on in cities which have never been known for their respect for heritage but if we keep letting our important historical sites be lost to progress, this is going to effect even the most far-flung places.


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