Ragan-Harris-Downs House, 1832 & 1910, Greenville

Built by pioneer Abraham Ragan in the Plantation Plain style, this house originally sat on the adjacent hill before being rolled to its present location in 1910 to accommodate the construction of Roswell J. Atkinson’s ‘The Terrace’. During the Civil War, it was open to wounded soldiers, serving as an impromptu convalescent hospital. The Ragans sold the home to Henry Harris. I’m unsure when the columns were added, but it was likely at the time of the move.

1 thought on “Ragan-Harris-Downs House, 1832 & 1910, Greenville

  1. ben dooley

    Great series from Greenville Brian. This is a very interesting fusion of ”styles”. You may be right about the double Greek porch being added when the house was moved, but, based on the details and proportions I would not be surprised if came earlier and that the work was completed by the same craftsman as the single story Greek Revival house you featured a few posts back.


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