Cove Methodist Church, 1894, Walker County

The congregation of Cove Methodist formed in 1872 and soon built their first church, a simple frame building that was replaced by the present structure in 1894. The front of the churchyard is sheltered by one of the largest Chestnut Oaks (Quercus montana) I’ve ever seen. It’s a landmark in its own right. If you’re ever near Chickamauga, take the time to see Cove Methodist. It’s one of the most beautiful churches in one of the most beautiful churchyards in all of North Georgia.


2 thoughts on “Cove Methodist Church, 1894, Walker County

  1. Jesse Bookhardt

    The Cove Methodist Church is certainly beautiful. It is so handsome until I recommend it be built on many sites in the future. We know that God can be present anywhere but to worship in a church like this must fill its congregation with all kinds of positive feelings each time a service is held. Just my opinion, but many of our modern church buildings look too much like warehouses.

  2. Mark Helfer

    All your posts are very good, and the posts on Lafayette are excellent. Thanks for your continued dedication.


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