Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Freight Depot, 1910, Tifton

Tifton has more depots per capita than any other town I can think of in South Georgia, with four extant, plus another at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture.

The old Atlantic Coast Line Railroad freight depot has housed the Tifton Terminal Railway Museum since 2008; it has limited hours.

This Southern Railway passenger coach is identified with a Flint River sign.

Tifton Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


3 thoughts on “Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Freight Depot, 1910, Tifton

  1. Donna Murphy

    I believe this train may have been called The Silver Bullet. My father worked for the Southern Railway for 30 something years. We lived in what they called railroad houses which seems like the train tracks were almost in our front yard. This was early 1950’s.
    I have always enjoyed train rides. We were able to ride free wherever Southern ran since my daddy worked for them.)

  2. Victor McGough

    Great pictures. I remember catching an Atlantic Coast Line train in Cordele when I was eight (a teenage cousin accompanied me). it must have gone through Tifton. I caught a Southern train in Macon (with an aunt) late at night. I tried to stay up as long as could. I fell asleep after we went through Vienna. When I woke up we were outside of Jacksonville where we changed to Florida East Coast all the way to Miami. Thanks for these great memories.

    1. Donna Murphy

      I caught the passenger train in Macon, changed trains in Jacksonville, Fl then went on to Tampa, Fl. I was only 15 and it was a thrill I have never forgotten. At an earlier age my whole family went by train from Atlanta to Cincinnati to visit my grandfather. My father worked for Southern Railroad for over 30 years. We could ride free as long as it was a Southern train.


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