Pope House-Lankford Manor, 1892, Tifton

Built for the Pope family in 1892, this was converted to a boarding house and restaurant in 1934 by the Lankford family. Pre-interstate, when US41 was a main north-south route to Florida, it was one of the busiest tourist sites in Tifton and known statewide, even nationally. After the boarding house ceased operation, the popular restaurant remained a Tifton landmark for many years.

Tifton Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


3 thoughts on “Pope House-Lankford Manor, 1892, Tifton

  1. LuRheeta Elliott

    We loved Lankford Manor ♥ as young ABAC students we welcomed a great home-cooked meal and happy faces :)Wonderful memories ♥ thankyou 🙂

  2. Betty Lankford

    My grandmother, Olive Bennett Lankford, converted this house which became Lankford Manor. It was in my family until my father Billy Lankford retired in the late 1990s. It was opened as a popular restaurant, The Local at the Lankford, a few years ago by David and Jennifer Scarbrough. I have many old photos and lots of memorabilia.
    Betty Lankford


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