Stebbins-Martin House, Dorchester

A 1914 photograph of this house (not posted here) indicates that the present portico is a later addition, replacing a lower porch roof.


4 thoughts on “Stebbins-Martin House, Dorchester

  1. Janice Harbin

    Hey Brian,
    Is this the same house Bill and Margaret Martin and their children lived in for decades across from the Dorchester cemetery?
    Janice Browning Harbin

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Janice- I was told that it was Barbara Martin’s home. And hey, we may be related. Some of my Browning relatives are in Liberty County. I don’t know too much about them but Della Martin has filled in a few of the blanks for me.

      1. Zoe Welch

        Yes, Margaret and Bill Martin (my great grandparents) lived here and raised their children in this home.

      2. Janice Browning Harbin

        Well, wouldn’t that be nice. My daddy, Coleman Browning, was John Frank Browning’s brother. My daddy ran the the sawmill in Riceboro.

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