Reagin Cottage, 1930s, St. Simons Island

With all the new construction on St. Simons it’s easy to miss places like this, but they represent the first major wave of construction and development on the island and they’re important historic resources. Most are located on Ocean Boulevard and nearby. This English Vernacular cottage was built sometime between 1935-1939.

2 thoughts on “Reagin Cottage, 1930s, St. Simons Island

  1. peace98368

    When I visited my home town island summer of 2016, I was so grateful to locate one of these cottages to stay in for a week. The beach house I grew up in on Beachview Drive was replaced by one of the most odd 2 attached houses-at least 3 architectural styles in one. My family was one of the last holdouts on that street. Offers began in late 60s. By the year 2000 retirement fixed income and soaring property tax ran us out. I so appreciate the work you are doing to document the present properties that still exist. Kudos to those who take on the labor of love for restoration.


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