Cheney House, Circa 1895, Athens

Often cited as Athens’ nicest surviving Queen Anne, the Cheney House is now a commercial property at the corner of Milledge and Hill. It was the home of the eccentric Cheney sisters, who feature in James K. Reap’s Athens: A Pictorial History (Walsworth Publishing Company, 1985): “Two sisters, Frances and Maud Cheney, were living in the house when a neighbor’s cat came over to have her kittens. Maud cared for them and loved them, and when the cat went home, Maud kept the kittens in spite of the neighbor’s demand for their return. The dispute finally went to court, where the judge ruled against Miss Cheney. When she still refused to return the kittens, and cursed the judge, she was sentenced to jail for contempt of court. Whether she actually served her sentence, no one knows, but it is said that she sat on the steps of the jail denouncing the sheriff who told her to spend her sentence at home.

National Register of Historic Places

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