American Legion Post 110, 1942, Monticello

The American Legion was chartered in Monticello in 1931 with a small group of World War I veterans. Local Commander Ray M. Persons was instrumental in having the legion house constructed. Though not as active as it was in the past, the Legion still meets here.

Monticello Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

1 thought on “American Legion Post 110, 1942, Monticello

  1. Laray M. Kelly

    Brian, your photographs are blowing me away! My grandfather was Ray M. Persons. He was the mayor of Monticello in the fifties and would ride around to make sure all the streets were being kept clean. If he found debris he would have it cleared up immediately. I think Monticello received an award from the state for being such a “neat” town.
    Thank you so much for all the work you have done to preserve these special places. As I have gone through your pictures I realize how much I took for granted, never realizing how much it all really meant to me. Keep up the wonderful work.
    Laray Persons Mays


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