General Store, Madras

This store and the shed beside it, are very close to the US 29 right of way.

Caroline Shepherd Pollet writes: I ran across your photos of Madras, Ga. I showed them to my 100 year old mother, Rowena Redwine Shepherd. I grew up hearing the story of Madras. Madras was named by my great aunt, Bessie Redwine, who ran the Whistle stop station. She was given the honor of naming it when a post office was established. She wanted it to have a unique name. She chose Madras after the town in India. Madras mostly consisted of the Redwine family, Uncle Word Redwine, Cousin Ben, Auntie Bess, my great grandmother, Caroline Word Redwine (I am named for her). There was one store.


1 thought on “General Store, Madras

  1. Mark Helfer

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for posting all these nice pictures recently. You really have been on the road. You’re doing great work, and much appreciated.


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