Tunison-Paschal-Sammons House, Circa 1855, Eatonton

This house has intrigued me ever since I first saw it on the cover of John Linley’s The Architecture of Middle Georgia: The Oconee Area many years ago. Linley was able to get a better photograph, as the front yard was less overgrown at the time, but it still looks great.

It was built in the Greek Revival style by Tunis Tunison, who with James Morrison Broadfield built Temperance Hall, the first two-story brick structure in Eatonton, in 1849. Tunison lost the house to William Paschal in a sheriff’s sale around 1860. It’s unclear when the front tower was added, but some sources suggest as early as 1858; others suggest the 1870s. I’m still not even sure as to the provenance of ownership, which varies greatly in sources.

Eatonton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

2 thoughts on “Tunison-Paschal-Sammons House, Circa 1855, Eatonton

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Thanks, Anna! That helps. Many sources say Simmons but I believe Linley spoke with some of the Sammons family when he was doing his book, so at least we have that part right! Of course, he was unaware of Tunison having built the house when he did his book, but obviously more information became available when the house was listed on the National Register. Paschal bought it from Tunison. And at some points the Sammons bought it. Linley also notes a U. S. Senator Lawson as an interim owner, but I can’t figure out who that was…I enjoy these mysteries!


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