J. Madison Smith House, 1925, Hinesville

The builder of this house may have been Jim Hook. It was owned by J. Madison Smith before becoming a commercial property.


6 thoughts on “J. Madison Smith House, 1925, Hinesville

  1. Fran McKinley

    Brian, the house looks very much like the house my dad grew up in. It was located on hwy 67 or what is now E. Oglethorpe Hwy., Hinesville, GA
    I believe it is owned by some attorneys who have renovated it beautifully. If this is the house, it would be other 100 years old.
    Frances (Fran) Dean McKinley

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Fran, this is one is located across from the Methodist Church on Main Street. It looks to have been renovated, but not sure if it was moved here. I think I know of the house you’re referring to on the highway. I need to photograph it, as well. I live just ten miles away, so I will get around to it.


    Brian; you added no explanation; I’m guessing that its a very new house. Thanks for all your efforts to keep history alive.
    Frank Gloeckner


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