Shotgun House, Leary

I found several shotgun houses in Leary. I’ve always liked them and find them increasingly difficult to locate in authentic condition. The tiny house and sustainable architecture movements have been responsible for new versions popping up all over the place, but the originals have a character all their own.


3 thoughts on “Shotgun House, Leary

  1. Jessica Rogers

    Wow, of the last two house the one on the left is my grandfather’s, who passed away, his white pickup truck,
    and the house on the right is his sister’s, my great aunt, and she still lives there 🥲

  2. Douglas Perry

    Almost 99% positive this little house on the left I lived in for a couple of years in early 60’s , (64- 65) maybe , I went to school in Morgan, older brother went to Edison I think, younger brother went to school in Leary. The tree out front we once found a rattler in.

  3. John

    I like the old, unpainted shotgun houses too. I think of them as as sharecropper shacks, because that’s what they were usually called. Many probably think of them as the type house their grandparents lived in as children.


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