Fire Station, Donalsonville

The large red building has served as the Donalsonville fire station for many years, but I believe it will soon be relocated. The structure was built for the Chero-Cola Bottling Works and also housed City Hall for a time.

Donalsonville Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


1 thought on “Fire Station, Donalsonville

  1. Judy Braswell-VanScoy

    Thanks for allowing me a glance back near the place where my father was born…it was Decatur County then in 1914. If I’m not mistaken, it wasn’t until the 1920s when it became Seminole Co. This is where the Braswells, Turnages, Faircloths, Odoms, and Crowsons settled long ago. The land where Spring Creek Baptist Church and its cemetery is located was given to the community by my Great-Great Aunt Elizabeth Braswell and her husband Jacob Johnson. Members of the Alday Family who were massacred in 1973 are buried there.


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