Mitchell J. Green Plantation, 1878, Evans County

Intact historic farms survive only through the care of generations of families; the Mitchell J. Green plantation in Evans County is an excellent example. In 1868, after service in the Confederacy, Mr. Green built a log cabin  on the property and commenced farming. The thriving operation became the center of a small community known as Green and had its own post office from 1882-1904. Mr. Green served as postmaster. A Plantation Plain farmhouse with Victorian accents, built in 1878, anchors the property. Numerous dependencies remain.

Commissaries are iconic components of Georgia’s plantations and many remained in use on larger farms until World War II. The Green Commissary appears to be in excellent condition; the shed protrusion is likely a later addition.

The stock/hay barn is the largest outbuilding on the property.

National Register of Historic Places



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6 responses to “Mitchell J. Green Plantation, 1878, Evans County

  1. Lucinda Etheridge

    Mitchell J. Green was my great great grandfather and he did have a daughter named Caddie. My great grandmother was his daughter, Leila.

  2. Kathy McElveen

    Wondering if Caddie Green (of Caddie Green Road) was related to Mitchell Green.

  3. James lanier

    I knew Mr. A. B. Green, and as I remember, the original home for the Green family, a log cabin, was situated behind the big house. Hopefully, it is still standing.

  4. Sharon Rice

    Oh, the stories this house could tell, if walls could talk. This is wonderful!

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