Coleman House, Jefferson County

This delightful home is unusual in its high style and isolation, likely unique in this section of Georgia. To call it a farmhouse almost seems to minimize its grandeur though its setting among hundreds of acres of open fields confirms that purpose. Buddy Moore notes: This house was the home of my 4th Great Grandfather, E. Lindsey Coleman (1811-1872). Bill Paul adds: My grandfather’s home…when I was a youngster the front yard was surrounded with a white picket fence and gardens.


12 thoughts on “Coleman House, Jefferson County

  1. mamillman

    Thanks for posting this picture as well as the others. Lindsey Coleman is my 3-greats grandfather and I have tried to find more information about him. He is buried at Coleman’s Chapel in an unmarked grave–he is said to have started that church (not the same building) as well as a school. After the war, he could no longer afford to maintain the school.

    1. Buddy Moore

      Lindsey Coleman is actually buried right across the Old Savannah Road in front of this house with his second wife Eliza Pritchard Coleman.

  2. Ben dooley

    Nice to see. This place must have extremely but wonderfully high ceilings and huge rooms. Great gable over porch…love the inclusion of modililions! A little unusual that there is no transom lite above the entry, wonder if it was once there but somehow at some point got covered up? This is indeed way beyond your typical rural GA “farmhouse”!


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