Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church, 1896, Oglethorpe County

Settlers from Virginia and North Carolina first came to the area around Mt. Pleasant church in the late 1700s. Robert Smith, known as Uncle Robert, began holding irregular services in a brush arbor near here around 1812-1814 and in 1820 established the first Methodist congregation in a log church at this location. The first Methodist Sunday School north of Savannah was organized here in 1826, with William G. Andrews as superintendent. In 1844, a small frame church was built and the log church was put into use as a school house. When the frame church was sealed and windows added in 1873, some of the congregation’s more conservative members thought it “sacrilegious to have so much finery in God’s house”. -[North Georgia Conference UMC Local Church Histories, Pitts Theology Library, Emory University]

In recent years the congregation dwindled to an unsustainable number and the church became Mt. Pleasant Community Church, which it is known as today.


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