Harrison-Gibbs House, Circa 1874, Whigham

I photographed this house in 2008. It remains but its appearance has been seriously modified. It was long owned by Cecil & Virginia Gibbs, by way of Mrs. Gibbs’s family, the Harrisons. Thanks to Randy Hortman and Nancy Ridley for confirming the identification.

Clay Dykes writes that he thinks this was originally the home of his great-grandfather, Dr. M. W. Dykes, M.D., who died in 1966 leaving 9 children.

2 thoughts on “Harrison-Gibbs House, Circa 1874, Whigham

  1. Fayn M. LeVeille (maiden name) & Allyn Rock LeVeille

    Dr. Monroe Washington Dykes, bought 1874 home in 1926. He and his wife, Louvenia Hayes Dykes, moved from Byronville, GA. Dr. Dykes “crossed over” in August of 1966 at 101 years of age. Dr. and Mrs. Dykes had nine children and heaven knows how many grandchildren and great grandchildren. My brother and I are 2 of Mama & Papa Dykes’ grandchildren living in Daytona Beach, FL.

  2. Wallace Chason

    This home was originally constructed by Postmaster Quinn of Whigham . I do not believe the home was built in 1874, but rather around 1906. The home was known for many years as the Dr. Dykes house, as Dr. Dykes purchased the home from Mr. Quinn. Dr. Dykes was a practicing physician in Whigham and Grady County for many years. In the mid 1960’s the home was purchased by the Harrison-Gibbs family.


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