Brown’s Sinclair Station, 1937, Stilson

This long abandoned filling station on the edge of Stilson last served as an antique store, I believe.

John A. Brown shared this circa 1950 photograph. The station was built in 1936-37 by his grandfather, John Franklin Brown (1880-1960).

5 thoughts on “Brown’s Sinclair Station, 1937, Stilson

  1. Darryl Drake

    I travelled Highway 80 for 25 years going back and forth to Savannah and I always thought that little building looked great. It’s good to see a picture of it in it’s heyday.

  2. James Lanier

    I’m pretty sure this is still in the Brown family. My wife is a Brown from Stilson,a distant cousin to John Aubry Brown, and a first cousin to the current owner.

  3. Connie McGhee

    I loved that you identified it as a “filling station”, a term I would probably never heard again in my lifetime. Brought back memories of being sent to “town” in one of Mom’s Cadillacs on an errand and told to put a “dollar’s worth” in at our favorite station. My favorite also, a cute young man would put my gas in, check the oil & wash my windshield while “checking” me out. Thanks for the memories.

  4. gajoe42

    The red tiles on the service station suggest Gulf rather than Sinclair to me. My grandfather ran a Gulf Station in Gough for many years-a shot of this humble station is on my website at


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