Fishing Camp Cabins, Circa 1915, Pine Harbor

These are three of the surviving seven cabins built for the Pine Harbor Fishing Camp, established circa 1915.

The last two pictured here seem to be in the most original condition.

4 thoughts on “Fishing Camp Cabins, Circa 1915, Pine Harbor

  1. kenneth d ALEXANDER

    My parents went to Doty’s Camp back in the 50’s. We went every year and had fond memories. We knew Mr. Doty and his wife. Looked forward to the wild horses that came through the camp every night. My father would go down to the creek nearby and fish. We had fresh shrimp and fish every day. My memory eludes me but there was a restaurant next door. It had a one arm bandit that I played whenever I got a nickel. I just remembered that the name was Hardies. Use to swim off their dock. Around the bend in the river was where the shrimp boats docked, Occasionally we went to a restaurant named Captain John’s. $5 for a huge platter of fried.shrimp. When I got married I took my wife to Doty’s. She didn’t have the enthusiasm that I had as a boy. At least she saw where I spent my summers. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a part of my life that was really special.

    1. Jolee Rogers Benoit

      Ken, I loved reading your post! I have owned a cabin there in Pine Harbor for 16 years and it truly is a special place. We have lost access to the marina for the last year or two, but hopefully it will be restored to a community marina soon. If you come back through town, please stop and introduce yourself if you see any of us out and about. I am the “newbie” but many have been there 30 years and longer and would enjoy meeting you and your wife Jolee Benoit

  2. Carolyn Waters

    Sorry I posted my comments on another place. The Pink cabin (was not pink when we rented) we rented that cabin for year’s my parents started
    Going down when they were a young couple. We stayed there the last 2
    Weeks in August. It was owned by the Doty’s back then. Some of our
    Happiest memories are at Pine Harbor.


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