Pine Harbor Marina, McIntosh County

I understand that the marina has been located here since at least the 1960s but considering how long there has been an active fishing community at Pine Harbor, it’s probably not the first. It’s located on the Sapelo River.

1 thought on “Pine Harbor Marina, McIntosh County

  1. Jolee Rogers Benoit

    Shown in the picture is OTIS and he ran the marina for approximately 18 years. He was kind, compassionate, loved children, loved Jesus, and spoke Gullah! My family adored him and he taught my children all about the river, how to throw a cast net, took my son on little hikes, etc. We sure miss him. Until a couple of years ago the marina was the hub of the community where we had cookouts, oyster roasts, fished, caught shrimp, had great conversation, kept our boats, and so forth. Currently the marina is not being run as a community marina and is not a welcoming place, but hopefully this will change. Pine Harbor is a very special place and hopefully the future will be bright again.


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