Manager’s House, 1935, Chocolate Plantation

This well-maintained cottage was built around the time R. J. Reynolds, Jr., acquired the island. The area around the Chocolate Plantation ruins was still being farmed at the time.

It’s presently owned by the Department of Natural Resources.

6 thoughts on “Manager’s House, 1935, Chocolate Plantation

  1. Cyndie Haisten Rouis

    My mother grew up in this house! My grandfather was head of wildlife n game/also the island doctor. My grandmother was the postmistress n nurse. My uncle ran the general store. There were five white families at that time, employed n living on the island, besides the Harrison family, my kinfolk, there were the families named Olson, Wilson, and two others.

    The home was a Sears Kit home.

  2. Hunter Hurst

    That house was built from a Sears catalog kit. Owned by DNR now, I understand its infrequent use is for their leadership and guests.


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