Riley Spear Fender & Body Works, Columbus

This photograph of Riley Spear’s garage was made circa 1939. Cathy Fussell notes this was a well-known business in Columbus for many years.

2 thoughts on “Riley Spear Fender & Body Works, Columbus

  1. Deborah L Coleman

    I noticed that was back in the day when you only had 4 numbers as a phone number. I remember those days. Simpler times…

  2. gajoe42

    Good one. I wish we had more photos of men and women at work, but in fact they seem very hard to come by. I suppose a lot of suppositions-perhaps erronious ones, went into not recording such things. Two things have been fairly well photographed for specific periods: child and women’s labor at the turn of the last century, and farm labor in the depression era.
    Know you must be following events in Atlanta, where ever you are. Keep on truckin’ friend. Joe K.


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