The House by the Road, 1915, Ashburn

Various postcards over the years advertised this charming Craftsman bungalow as “The House by the Road”, dubbing it a “Modern Tourist Home” and a “Beautiful Private Estate Open to Guests”. Other enticements included locked garages, porter service, steam heat with automatic stoker control, electric fans, hot water, shower baths, and Beautyrest box springs. Known as a boarding house, it was also the home of Mrs. Robert R. Shingler, who took great pride in maintaining a hospitable stop for travelers along US 41, a primary north-south route in the days before interstate highways. It is now a private residence.

In renovation, it has been slightly altered, though retains its overall original appearance.

Shingler Heights Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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5 responses to “The House by the Road, 1915, Ashburn

  1. Raleighwood Dawg

    As always, thanks for passing on the great images and intriguing history. As I zoomed in on the postcard, I noticed the impressive size of the front door(s). Would that originally have been a single hinged doorway or french doors?

  2. John P. Rabun, Jr.

    Brian, please explain to me the difference in a bungalow and a craftsman house. Is a bungalow one designed by an architect? My family’s house in Reidsville is one or the other.
    John Rabun

  3. Rafe Semmes

    Hello, Brian,

    My family’s wholesale hardware business (Semmes Hardware Co., 1896 – 1983) had a long-time salesman named Jimmy Shingler, who I believe was from nearby Perry. I wonder if he was related to the owner of this house? I bet he was.

    I worked in the warehouse, office, and as a truck driver’s helper, 1967 – 1974, before coming in full-time after college in 1975. I was too young to know Mr. Shingler personally, but knew he worked for our business for many years. It was an unusual last name. I believe he worked our old #8 territory, which would have included Eastman, Perry, Ashburn (home of Mitchell-Stewart Hardware), and other towns south of Macon.

    How interesting to see this post, all these years later.

    Rafe Semmes Savannah/Midway GA

    • Rafe, I imagine they must have been related. It’s not a very common name, except in Ashburn. In the early 20th century, you couldn’t throw a rock in this neighborhood without hitting a Shingler 🙂 Many of the fine homes of the district bear the names of various Shingler family members.


    We used to stop there on the way to the beach.

    Mitzi Rothman 404/872-0582 Pet Portraits Sent from my iPad

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