Willcoxon House, Circa 1860, Sargent

Colonel John B. Willcoxon built this house around the time he opened a grist mill near Wahoo Creek in the Lodi community. The grist mill opened in 1861 and remained in operation for five years. In 1866, with partners H. J. and George Sargent of Massachusetts, Colonel Willcoxon established the Willcoxon Manufacturing Company to produce cotton rope. The large four-story factory attracted many rural families to the area and primarily employed women and children. This was long before child labor laws prohibited such employment.

In 1888, H. C. Arnall, Sr., and T. G. Farmer purchased the enterprise and renamed it the Wahoo Manufacturing Company. The name of the town was officially changed to Sargent in 1892.

Sargent Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

1 thought on “Willcoxon House, Circa 1860, Sargent

  1. ben dooley

    Nice entry Brian. I do wonder if there is any evidence that this might have been a classic Plantation Plain built well before 1860 that had ”stylish” renovations in 1860 which included the addition of a porch and column that gave the house a somewhat primitive and unsophisticated but but rather appealing ”Greek Revival” update?


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