Single-Pen Tenant Farmhouse, Laurens County

This is an iconic house type in rural Georgia, sometimes referred to as Cracker Style.

It has that association as it was often the typical housing of white sharecroppers and small farmers, but it’s actually just a single-pen (one-room) house.

This example, like many I’ve encountered, has a preacher’s room on the front, which in the case of most of these utilitarian structures didn’t house a preacher but rather accommodated the needs of a growing family. It also has a shed room at the back. So, the traditional single-pen often grew as the family grew…from one room to three, in this case.


1 thought on “Single-Pen Tenant Farmhouse, Laurens County

  1. Cara Cobb

    A preacher’s room was to provide room and board for the itinerant preachers that traveled from town to town. It was an honor for a family to be able to accomodate the visiting pastor.


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