Webster’s Pharmacy, Sparta

Webster’s Pharmacy, with its distinct facade, is a community landmark in downtown Sparta and a favorite with photographers.

Sparta Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

2 thoughts on “Webster’s Pharmacy, Sparta

  1. Rafe Semmes

    Brian, I used to drive US 80 West from Savannah to Dublin, and then pick up US 441 North to Athens, on a frequent basis.  Downtown Dublin used to have  Rexall Drugstore that must have been owned by a pharmacist named Strange, for the sign out front read “Strange Drugs.”  Used to crack me up everytime I went through town! Also, there is a phatmacy I think in Hazlehurst that was owned by a fellow named Ronald Reagan!  I only became aware of it after the late President’s terms were over, and the business I work for got a check from the pharmacy, signed by the owner.  I bet he was a local celebrity of sorts too. Enjoy your posts!

    Rafe SemmesMidway GA


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