Henrietta Plantation, Circa 1857, Lowndes County

This is one of the oldest surviving houses in Lowndes County. Built circa 1857 by Mills Murphree Brinson (1812-1860), it was later purchased by his son-in-law, Remer Young Lane (1826-1917). Lane was married to Brinson’s daughter, Henrietta (1836-1918). Remer Lane was a successful banker and in the 1890s was a principal investor in the Strickland Cotton Mill in Valdosta. When it opened in 1899, the surrounding mill village was named Remerton in his honor.

Lane’s son, Mills Bee Lane, Sr. (1860-1945) was the next owner of the plantation, which he named Henrietta for his mother. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Citizens and Southern (C&S) Bank and under his leadership it became one of the most profitable financial institutions in the nation.

3 thoughts on “Henrietta Plantation, Circa 1857, Lowndes County

  1. Mills Morrison

    This is a great piece on my family’s ancestral home! I have always heard that Remer Y. Lane built the house. Mills B. Lane bought the plantation for his son, Ned Lane, who lived there from about 1940 until the early 2000’s when the family sold it to the current owners.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Thank you, Mr. Morrison. I think I got that information from the National Register of Historic Places, and even that source isn’t always completely accurate, especially if dependent on oral history. Thanks to you and your family for their long stewardship of this landmark!


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