United Methodist Church, 1917, Milner

The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, was first established at Milner in 1870 by Reverend William H. “Uncle Billy” Graham in a one-room schoolhouse which stood just a few feet away from the present structure. Charter members were: William T. Arnold, steward and secretary; Mrs. Mary E. Arnold; Mrs. Eliza E. Bolton; Thomas A. Bolton; Mrs. C. A. Carter; Miss Georgia Crawley; Mrs. Elizabeth Clark; Miss Sarah J. Clark; J. Sherrod Clark; Miss Jennie Ford Shockley; Miss Lizzie Ford; Miss Permelia Fields; Mrs. Emily Fields; Amanda Hamilton; Sarah J. Hamilton; Seley Hamilton; Luther Holmes; Mrs. Sarah A. Holmes; Mrs. Lucinda R. Howe; Winnie Rush; Luisa Spencer; Mrs. Mary A. Sims; Margaret S. Singleton; and Lizzie E. Singleton. Dr. John P. Hunt was an important early booster and patron of the church.

The congregation worshiped in the school house until building a permanent home, west of the railroad line, in 1874. It was replaced by the present structure in 1917.

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