Swint’s Pecans & Candies, 1925, Milner

As Americana and roadside landmarks go, Swint’s Pecans & Candies fits the bill as nicely as any place in Georgia. I may be just a bit biased, having grown up in my own grandfather’s pecan orchards, but I digress. In the days before interstate highways, pecan stands were among the biggest draws for tourists traveling Georgia’s newly paved roads. Stuckey’s became the most famous, but there was also B. Lloyd’s, and scores of other smaller businesses. Georgia may be known as the Peach State, but it seems there have always been more pecans than peaches.

For me, the appeal of Swint’s lies in the fact that it’s in its original location and they’re still in business. After three generations in the Swint family, the business was sold to the Watsons in 2013. When Ida Mae Woodall Swint started the business in 1925, the family was also selling gasoline and perhaps sundries from this location, but her pecan candies quickly became the star of the show. According to the present owners, the old building is still used as a retail area. This place should be on the National Register of Historic Places.

I haven’t been fortunate enough to try their candies, but I hope to soon.


7 thoughts on “Swint’s Pecans & Candies, 1925, Milner

  1. Jessica Watson

    Hi I’m Jessica Watson and I’m the owner of Swint’s Candies. This information is actually incorrect. My husband and I bought the business in 2013 from the original owners (the Swint family). The front building is still our candy store area and gift shop and is open to the public Monday-Saturday 10-5:30. The back warehouse is actually a new commercial kitchen and warehouse space for our wholesale operation. Just wanted you all to know!

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      I updated the part about the older building and your ownership, Jessica. Thanks. When I posted this, I didn’t see that the ownership had changed, an unintentional oversight. I presume all the other historical information is correct, since it came from the website.

  2. Ellen Ramsey

    Really interesting and nostalgic. I traveled via the (now) backroads that were then the main highways all thru my childhood in the 50s & 60s. In Georgia, Florida and Mississippi especially the stands, stops, cafés and motels were amazing. They were all so unique – no two alike – quant and steeped in local everything! I miss those times and places more & more as time goes by. Thank you Brian for featuring this type of posting especially.

  3. Donna Murphy

    As a young girl on our way to Brunswick to visit relatives we would always stop there. Good candy and lots of unique gift ideas.


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