Fleming Store, Circa 1894, Johnstonville

The Fleming Store is one of two iconic 19th-century general stores located within a few miles of each other in an idyllic rural area of Lamar County. It appears to be an inspired copy of the nearby Goggins General Store & Post Office. Johnstonville was established in 1821 and was the first county seat of Monroe County (this section was later annexed by Lamar County). John [1790-1834] & Celia Perry Fleming [1790-1864] were among its earliest settlers and their descendants built this store.

Rural general stores built of brick are among the rarest historic commercial resources in the state and the Fleming store is a particularly important example. Its front and rear parapetted facades may be a unique feature among surviving structures in Georgia. It is in declining condition and stabilization is needed.

Johnstonville-Goggins Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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