C. M. Smith House, 1920s, Concord

This exceptional Neoclassical Revival mansion was built by C. M. Smith in the early 1920s. Mr. Smith was the highly successful owner of Smith Brothers Nursery, which at one time was the largest fruit and ornamental tree nursery east of the Mississippi.

Rev. R. W. Rogers’s History of Pike County From 1822-1922, published at Zebulon, notes: Concord is probably known by more people than any other town of its size in the South. One business firm here doubtless serves more customers than any other establishment in the State. We refer to Smith Bros., the nurserymen. This business was established 35 years ago, by J. H. & C. T. Smith and has now grown to be the largest retail nursery in the South. They ship trees to almost every railroad station in the Southern States and they number their customers by the hundred thousand. Trees and plants from Smith Bros. are grown around nearly every home in the cotton belt. Trees are grown here by the million. They grow more peach trees than anything else, but also have large blocks of apple, pear, plum, pecan, rose, ornamentals, and other stock. From 50 to 100 people are employed to work in their office, packing houses and fields. Mr. C. T. Smith is business manager of the firm, and is assisted by Mr. F. m. Smith, and a good force of office workers. The field department is run by Mr. J. H. Smith, assisted by Mr. C. M. Smith.

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