General Store, Jasper County

This was either a general/grocery store, or a commissary. “Shotgun stores” like this were once very common in the Georgia landscape.

1 thought on “General Store, Jasper County

  1. shirley c hill

    I know Jasper county well – for years members of my family owned property used for hunting then sometime in the 70s my sister and family bought the property on Hwy. 212 where the old first One Room School building stood. After hoping for years that she and her family would renovate the old building they did not do so and even turned down the County’s offer to buy the building and move it. Sadly after our father’s death my sister and I became estranged and I do not know if the old building is still standind or to whom to property belongs today as both my sister and her husband passed in about 2010 or so. It saddens me that the county could not get the building and relocate for renovations. Would love to know if the old building is still standing.


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