A. J. Gillen Department Store, 1907, Maxeys

The Victorian commercial building on the right was originally home to the A. J. Gillen Department Store. In naming it a Place in Peril, the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation noted: The building currently sits vacant. Due to Maxeys’ isolated location, the large size of the building and its deteriorating condition, attracting a business to the A.J. Gillen Department Store is a challenge. Without that investment, the building will continue to deteriorate.

I made this photograph several years ago and haven’t been through Maxeys in some time. I believe there was an effort to restore it, but do not know of any progress.

2 thoughts on “A. J. Gillen Department Store, 1907, Maxeys

  1. Darcy Nunn

    The previous comment is incorrect. The antique shop two buildings north did in fact burn down. This building is in the process of being restored by a private owner. There is a B&B in town, the Gillen House, but it is a few houses to the south of this building.

    It does have some beautiful features inside still in tact such as the pressed ceiling and double stair case! Please, come back and see how our town is changing!

  2. Rafe Semmes

    Brian, This building was destroyed in a fire a year ago.  I saw the story on the AJC, and went to your website for more info on it, and the original owner’s house next door.  It is now a B&B. See attached articles. Rafe SemmesMidway GA


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