Johnson House, Norwood

The only information I’ve been able to locate about this house lists it as the Johnson House and dates it to 1900. I think the Johnson family were longtime owners, but I believe the house to have been built much earlier than 1900.

3 thoughts on “Johnson House, Norwood

  1. Joanne Lukacher

    9 over 4 windows, assuming they are original, and the proportions look much earlier. Have you had a chance to examine the brickwork on the chimneys ? The brick of the piers seems to match, but it could just be local brick in continuous production or from an outbuilding if, as Ben suggests, the porch is later.

    1. Melissa Stevenson

      There is a man named Sydney smith of Thomson ga. That lived in this home a few years back with his family. As well did myself and my boyfriend. I dont know much about it but my step dad was born and raised in norwood just around the corner. His name is William (Buddy) Tucker. Mabey he or Sydney can give some info about the house. All I can say is try n contact them on fb messenger platform..

  2. Ben Dooley

    I agree Brian. With the exception of the front porch which might date from 1900, l think this house was built decades earlier.


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