Package Store, Jeff Davis County

This simple structure was a landmark in my regular travels on US Highway 341 for many years, and I’m glad I stopped to photograph it one day in 2017, when it was being strangled by wisteria. As of early 2022, it is no more.

Art Reagin notes that it was last open as a package store owned by Willard Davis in the 1970s.

4 thoughts on “Package Store, Jeff Davis County

  1. Jesse Bookhardt

    I don’t remember this building in Jeff Davis County, but I do remember the invasive plant, Wisteria. That stuff is like kudzu, it covers trees, neglected roads, sheds, barns, and just about anything. When cut back it comes back. Weed killer won’t kill it directly for it attaches to the earth with its aggressive roots at every segment of the vine. It is a shame for the beauty of its blossom is heavenly. If it is to be kept in your yard, there is one way to control it, but you have to be dedicated to pruning. When it is young and starts to run, stake it and prune it making it an upright specimen. You can manage it that way and it will make a pretty addition to one’s yard. Keep those pruning clippers sharp and busy.


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