Georgia Hussars Storefront, 1897, Savannah

One of my favorite buildings in Savannah, this exotic Moorish Revival landmark [with a dose of Manueline inspiration and Gothic elements] was built by the Georgia Hussars as a retail space to fund their armory, which was located next door. The painted terracotta facade is truly one of the most memorable works of architecture in the city. As Rafe Semmes noted, it may best be remembered as the Pars Oriental Rug Company . It’s now home to Artillery Bar.

Savannah National Historic Landmark District

2 thoughts on “Georgia Hussars Storefront, 1897, Savannah

  1. Rafe Semmes

    This was for a long time home to the Pars Rug Company. I have never been inside, but the outside is gorgeous!

    I think that next to it is a Christian gift shop, “Saints & Shamrocks.” And next to that is what used to be “Charlotte’s Corner Gift Shop,” where my wife worked for several summers while saving money for college, many years ago.

    The owner, Charlotte Taylor Parrott, passed into spirit a few years ago, and was also the owner (by inheritance) of her father’s business, Taylor Furniture Co., on the NE corner of Liberty St. & (what is now) MLK Blvd. (Charlotte once hired me to be that firm’s credit mgr, only to rescind that offer the next day when her accountant told her she didn’t have the cash flow to pay me! That business closed shortly thereafter.)

    But Charlotte and I became good friends when my wife became her employee of the gift shop, which is now “The Public Kitchen,” an upscale restaurant where the hamburger plate will set you back $15.

    I have never eaten there because of the prices.But it is across the street from the DeSoto Hotel, and in the middle of the downtown tourist district, so I assume they get enough volume from both.


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