Second Empire House, 1885, Columbus

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been posting from all over the place, unlike my usual fashion of posting multiple locations from a more specific area. I’m presently cleaning up thousands of old photos on the website, as well as repairing issues that happened when I rolled all the websites into one. It’s a grueling background process which will make Vanishing Georgia infinitely better, but much of it won’t be obvious for a long time. In the process of doing this work, which will take about a year, I’m discovering many photographs that somehow never got published. I just wanted to let everyone know. Thanks as always for your support.

Columbus Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

4 thoughts on “Second Empire House, 1885, Columbus

  1. John Wilson

    Keep up the Good work! I had a chance to save an 1820 ancestral home in North Carolina built with mortise and tenon pegs the size of ballpark hotdogs. I didn’t get around to it and it has since burned down. One of my biggest regrets. Best,

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  2. Raleighwood Rob

    Love the photo and the Second Empire architecture. Thanks for all your hard work in preserving and cataloging these images for future generations. ~ Rob

  3. Rafe Semmes

    What a wonderful house! Thanks so much for your documenting these, and then sharing them online, so those of us who may not get to see them in person can still enjoy seeing them, and appreciate your (abbreviated) history behind them. It is MOST interesting to those of us who are interested in and appreciate the merits of history (especially Georgia history), architecture, and geography.

    Rafe Semmes
    Midway, GA

  4. vern8061

    Brian, I may have said this before, but thought it every time I see your work…thank you!! I so enjoy your discovery’s and the history’s behind them. I can just feel the family’s and time that has passed over these building and homes. All the best to you and your family. VGoode


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