Centerville United Methodist Church, 1898, Early County

The community of Centerville, in Early County, is one of at least six places bearing that name in Georgia. The only one to be incorporated is located near Warner Robins, in Houston County.

From an historic marker placed by the church and the Historic Chattahoochee Commission in 1998: Ben Johnson and his wife, “Miss Ellie,” attended the DuBose Methodist Church located six miles away until they were caught in a rainstorm that frightened their horse. In an attempt to get a church nearer home, Ben Johnson and Dick Mock rode for several days before finding someone to donate land for the church. Most of the land in the area was mortgaged because of the Civil War but Elias Harper deeded four acres to church trustees, Ben Johnson, Sam Roe Johnson and John King to be used for a church and a cemetery. “Miss Ellie” named it Centerville because it was in the middle of the community.

The Centerville Methodist Church was organized in 1891, and the people of the community erected the first church building eight miles south of Blakely on the Three Notch Road. It was a pine log structure with posts in the middle section for support and two single doors for entering the church. The original floor joists and ceiling trusses, which were made of whole pine logs, are still in place. A wood stove was placed in the middle of the room to warm the congregation. The church was dedicated on August 7, 1898, with Rev. C.C. Lowe serving as its first pastor. In 1976, the social hall was added and synthetic siding installed.


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