Peanut Monument, 1954, Blakely

A monument to the peanut might seem strange, but not so in Early County, which is one of the leading producers of this valuable crop in the entire state, with over 100 million pounds harvested in 2021. Located on the northeast lawn of the courthouse, it reads: The people of Early County, the largest peanut producing center in the world, have erected this monument in tribute to the peanut, which is so largely responsible for our growth and prosperity. Not only has it contributed to the higher living standards of the people engaged in its producing, manufacturing and marketing, but has also become important to the better health of the people of the world, as it is the source of some of our most nutritious and beneficial foods.

Peanuts remain central to the economy of Southwest Georgia.

Blakely Court Square Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


3 thoughts on “Peanut Monument, 1954, Blakely

  1. Michael

    Not to mention the ones with peanut allotment who make $ for not growing them. I have relatives there with that arrangement on 90 acres.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Farm welfare didn’t exist when my grandfather farmed. He worked as a carpenter in the off season to make ends meet. I don’t think too highly of farm subsidies…it’s welfare plain and simple.

      1. Michael

        Agreed. Same story with my grandfather…had a dry goods store in Shellman. Managed to raise my mom and 6 great aunts and uncle. They’ve all picked crops by hand.

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