Vilulah Church, Randolph County

Vilulah Baptist Church was organized in a brush arbor in 1867, with seventeen original members. The name Vilulia, from a hymn in the old Sacred Harp Song Book, was chosen for the congregation. It was changed to Vilulah later. The first permanent church, a log structure, was built on land given by “Uncle Bobby” Knowles. It was later replaced by a wooden frame structure. I believe this may actually be the third church home of Vilulah.

Early members of the congregation included James N. Bigbie, who lost an arm while serving with the U.S. Army in the Mexican-American War, and William Forsythe Davis, a Confederate Army captain. Other founding members were: Albert Bailey, Jarrett Ragan, Abner Belcher, Judge Irvine Saunders, Baal Smith, Dr. Thomas Bigbie, A.S.A. McLendon, Alexander Morgan, Andrew Blackburn, and Benjamin Joiner.


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