Hinesville First United Methodist Church, 1942

This church was built in 1942 and dedicated in 1944. This photograph dates to 2011 and the structure is now gone, replaced by a newer facility in the past few years. The main sanctuary building, next door, was completed in 1985 and is still in use.

From the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church, a bit of background on the congregation: In 1837, when the town of Hinesville was laid out, a plot was reserved for the Methodist Church. This site was adjacent to the courthouse, where Bradwell Park is now. A small frame building was built on the lot reserved for the church and it was there that Methodism in Hinesville began to grow. By 1845, the church had a Sunday school and, by 1890, the Woman’s Missionary Society had twenty-five members. In March 1900, a group of Hinesville ladies banded together to form a Ladies Aid Society which made special efforts to raise funds for the church building. In 1901, this group paid for new shingles for the roof, two chandeliers, and six bracket lamps...Under the pastorate of Rev. C. B. Ray, construction of a new church began in 1941 [the one pictured here]. Work was completed in 1942, under Rev. J. W. Patterson, and was dedicated on September 4, 1944, with Bishop Arthur J. Moore delivering the dedicatory sermon.


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