Gothic Revival Farmhouse, Wilkinson County

This vernacular Gothic Revival [or Carpenter Gothic] farmhouse is amazingly original and includes a rear ell. It is of a style often referenced as Folk Victorian, but the Gothic Revival dormer is the dominant feature. An historic log barn is also present. An historic survey dates it to 1915, but I believe it to actually date to the late 19th century


4 thoughts on “Gothic Revival Farmhouse, Wilkinson County

  1. Susan Anderson-Raeder

    I am curious about the difference between Folk Victorian and Gothic Revival. Is it solely about the placement of the dormer? I am specifically referencing this home to the Folk Victorian Cottage, Wilkinson County you posted earlier.

  2. Leigh Hall

    Love this! I often point out little details like the decorative ballusters and leaded glass to my children and tell them, “This is from a time when the most basic, useful items were made to be beautiful, too.” I hope this was a happy place, and that someone preserves it!

  3. Rafe Semmes, Midway GA

    What a wonderful building! Note the front porch swing. Many houses had those, in the days before air conditioning became commonplace. The brick home I grew up in in Savannah, many years ago, had a rear screened-in porch that faced our back yard. We had a porch swing in it, and during the warm summer months, my mom, younger brothers and I would often gather there in the evenings after dinner to play games and chat. Or my mom would sit there and enjoy watching us play in the back yard. When A/C arrived in the mid 1970’s, that screened porch got bricked in, and the screened view went away, along with the swing. Sad.


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