Plantation Plain Farmhouse, Circa 1840s, Wilkinson County

The only information I’ve been able to locate regarding this amazing house dates it to 1849; I believe it may have been built a bit earlier. Like similar historic homes in Wilkinson County, it may have originally been a “dogtrot” with an open hallway at the center.


3 thoughts on “Plantation Plain Farmhouse, Circa 1840s, Wilkinson County

  1. Amy Rabun

    We did pull up in the driveway because we saw a truck there and I told my husband if someone happened to be out in the yard, we would ask about the house. Upon closer observation,  we realized that the truck and the house were abandoned. It was dilapidated where the side porch area was near driveway.  We drove down to a small parking area on the other side to get more pictures. With the truck abandoned and even its hood up, it made my mind wander into into possible abandonment stories. What I wouldn’t give to see the place thriving and those who lived and loved there enjoying  their home and the small town atmosphere around it. It seemed so serene. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. Amy Rabun

    Hi, For some reason, it had me responding to the wrong house. We were in Taylorsville.The one that I was looking at was the one in the attachment that I’m sending with a screenshot of your photo and caption, along with some photos that I took yesterday. Please let me know if you have more information or were able to connect with anyone about this house.  Thanks so much, Amy

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


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