Mae Chapel Schoolhouse, Circa 1900, Bleckley County

An historic guide to Bleckley County published during the American bicentennial in 1976 identifies this as “One-room School House” and notes: This one-room school house was originally a part of the Bleckley County School System located on the Dublin Highway. It was later moved to its present location and used as a school for black children in the rural area. Though no formal name for the school is given in that document, the image matches the present structure. The name originally led me to believe it may have also been a church, but considering this information, Mae Chapel likely refers to an African-American church which was associated with the school.

It has been preserved by the Bleckley County Retired Educators Association as a representative rural schoolhouse and though a sign indicates that it’s a museum, it is not open to the public as far as I can tell.


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