Central Hallway I-House, Circa 1900, Wadley

This is a two-story version of the central hallway house type and a good example.


3 thoughts on “Central Hallway I-House, Circa 1900, Wadley

  1. Rafe Semmes

    I lived in a very similar house on Church Street in Athens, GA, my last year in graduate school, 1974-1975. It had been subdivided into apts. by that time. I had the first floor apt. on the left-hand side. That house had a wide front porch with wicker rockers on it. I loved to sit out there in the mornings with my coffee, before heading out to class.

  2. Vicki Carpenter

    My grandfather was born in Wadley, a Calhoun, in 1904. I have pictures somewhere of the original stained glass windows in the Methodist church which have been replaced if you’re interested.


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