North Main Street, Wadley

North Main Street passes through the historic commercial center of Wadley. According to Ken Krakow’s Georgia Place Names, it was first known as Bethany, then Shake Rag. Incorporated as a town in 1876, Wadley was named for William Morrill Wadley (1813-1882), a New Hampshire native who came to Georgia as a young man. He worked as a blacksmith during the construction of Fort Pulaski under the command of Robert E. Lee and was appointed superintendent of the public works on Cockspur Island. He was later involved in significant building and engineering works and briefly served, unofficially, as supervisor of Confederate railroads. From 1886 until his death, he served as president of the Central of Georgia Railway.


3 thoughts on “North Main Street, Wadley

  1. Charlie Ellliott

    Wadley had a huge sawmill at Rogers, on the Ogeechee, between Herndon and Millen. His home is being remodeled! He built a RR line from Rogers into Summit, now one-half of Twin City.

  2. Rafe Semmes

    The dates you showed for him ended in 1882, but later said he was COG RR Pres until his death in 1886. ??

  3. Michael Porter

    There is a Shakerag in Gwinnett county near the Chattahoochee River. It was dominated by the 4000 acre Shakerag farms. Before that it was known as Suwanee Old Town. My friend lived there for decades and finding indian relics was as easy as bending over. Thanks for the great information and pictures Brian.


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