Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1900, Tifton

This was the first brick church built in Tifton, and served the congregation of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, for generations. When they moved to a larger facility in 1952, it served numerous congregations over the following years. The Tift County Development Authority purchased it in 1985, to protect it from vandals and deterioration. In 1997, the Tifton Council for the Arts saw an opportunity and renovated the church into a gallery space and cultural museum. It is now known as the Syd Blackmarr Arts Center.

Tifton Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


2 thoughts on “Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1900, Tifton

  1. Sharon

    I’m thankful this church has been preserved and is being used as a cultural center.
    Yay, Tifton!


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