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Warrenton Gymnasium-Auditorium, 1937

Thousands of auditoriums, community houses, and gymnasiums, among myriad other public-use spaces, were constructed as projects of the New Deal during the Great Depression. Many survive and remain in use today and have often been the center of entertainment in communities which otherwise have few such resources. The Warrenton site was a project of the Federal Emergency Administration to replace an earlier structure that burned. Glen Miller was one of numerous prominent Big Band-era personalities who performed here. The gymnasium  hosted the high school basketball teams until a new school was built in 1981. The Augusta firm of Merry & Parsons was responsible for the design. It is presently known as the Warren County Cultural Center.

Mike Baker noted, via our Facebook page, that it may have been known for a time as the Baker Memorial Gymnasium, as well, stating that a granite marker bearing that inscription is located in a yard nearby.

National Register of Historic Places

Old Columbia County Jail, 1934, Appling

This early Federal Works Project was designed by Augusta architect A. Brian Merry. R. A. Bowen was the contractor. It is now home to the Columbia County Historical Society.