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Pope City Baptist Church, Wilcox County

Pope  City Baptist Church was established in 1903. A larger modern sanctuary  on the same property has replaced this structure.

Holsey Temple C.M.E. Church, Rochelle

This handsome church has recently been restored. I hope to learn more about its history.

Pharmer Chapel A.M.E. Church, Rochelle

There’s no sign at this church and I can’t determine if it’s active or not. It’s a nice form. Thanks to Alice Knipp Garnto, who had previously photographed it, for the identification.

Pine City Church, Wilcox County

This congregation was established in 1892 and was known as Pine City Holiness Baptist Church for most of its history. I’m unsure when it was built.

New Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, Pitts

historic new smyrna primitive baptist church pitts ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

Seville Methodist Church, 1891, Seville

historic seville methodist church photograph copyright brian brown vansihing south georgia usa 2016

This congregation began as Seville Methodist Episcopal (M. E.) Church, South, on 22 July 1891. It followed the general evolution of Methodism to serve later as Seville Methodist and finally Seville United Methodist. The last service was held 22 June 1999. As of July 1999, it was incorporated as Historical M. E. Church, South.

Abbeville Methodist Church, 1892

historic abbeville methodist church ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

This church originally had a steeple. It’s the oldest church structure in Abbeville, to my knowledge. I recall, quite a few years ago now, when they were re-roofing this church. I was amazed at how anyone could do work on such a steep roof, and I still am.


New Hope Primitive Baptist Church, Wilcox County

Old New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Birthplace of the Missionary Baptists Wilcox County Birth of the Primitive Baptist Movement Near Abbeville Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Though this building (located behind a more modern church home) has long been in disuse, it represents an important development in Baptist history. It is not the first New Hope Church building, whose congregation is described in the Georgia historic marker text seen below, but it’s part of the story. I am unsure to the date of its construction, but judging the architecture, I’d guess it’s circa 1880-1910.

New Hope Primitive Baptist Church was constituted in July 1830. The presbytery officiating were: Wilson Conner, David Wood and Jordan Baker. Minutes of the church for the first 12 years were lost, and there is no record of charter members, but the church roll of March 5, 1842, lists 53, many of them pioneers of this section. It was at New Hope Church that the division in the Primitive Baptist denomination occurred, when some withdrew and formed a Missionary Baptist Church.* The Rev. Richard M. Tucker was the first recorded pastor, in 1842. George R. Reid was clerk in 1842.

Update: This church was demolished sometime in 2014.

*Liberty Baptist Church in Brooks County is among the earliest Missionary churches still in existence, dating to 1841, and though contemporary to the rift outlined here, was part of a larger fringe movement of Mission work and Sunday schools seen as too “newfangled” by most traditional Baptists of the day.


Liberty Hill United Methodist Church, 1918, Wilcox County

Liberty Hill Methodist Church Wilcox County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Organized by Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Winslett, Sr., in 1885, Liberty Hill’s first home was a log cabin. A more permanent one-room frame church was built in 1890 and replaced by the present structure in 1918. A tornado did major damage to the church in 1936 but it was restored soon thereafter.

Abandoned Schoolhouse, Pitts


Sidney McWhorter writes: My mother, Mardelle Stonecypher McWhorter, used to tell me every time we went by there, that she went to school there when she was a little girl. Wayne Reed adds, via Facebook: My mother used to walk by this school on her way to school in Pitts This was a black school in the 20’s and 30’s. Mother is 98 and has a great memory. According to Shawn Rhodes, it was most recently used as Snow Hill Church (early 1980s – 2003).